Jordan & martinez - don't u feel it - Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue -

The funny thing is, all the people who write this stuff were never there so that means they were either making these things up to sell papers or hearing it from someone else who was wrong or who made it up. That’s just plain old gossip, and it’s sad that media outlets would write things they have no clue about. But I guess I get it. Sometimes a lie sounds better than the truth and it sells more papers or magazines. But it’s at someone else’s expense.

However you slice it, such silence is a privilege. Both Jordan and James have hinted at political stances in the past: In Jordan's case, it was a vague and belated rejection of North Carolina's homophobic bathroom laws — but the fact remains Jordan in particular has not made it a habit to address such issues publicly. Nor do either of them have any obligation to do so, or even keep up with them. They're rich. They're successful. They'll be fine if they say nothing, and in fact, may be better served — from a business standpoint — by doing so.

Meanwhile, another comment read, “Yep, let’s all believe some Tweet and then treat Melanie fans like they’re worthless. That’s gonna solve everything! [ sic ]”

If Butler continues his ascension to being one of the game’s elite players, Jordan Brand might be looking at the steal of the century, considering the All-Star guard took a huge pay cut to leave adidas and sign with the Jumpman . Butler might not like being compared to the man whose kicks he wears, but if the Bulls can make a deep run in the playoffs with him running the show (sorry, D-Rose), his Jordan game will take the next step beyond just rocking general release retros and PEs.

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Jordan & Martinez - Don't U Feel ItJordan & Martinez - Don't U Feel ItJordan & Martinez - Don't U Feel ItJordan & Martinez - Don't U Feel It