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If you're hoping to reach out to new clients via your website, the first step is for them to find it - and that requires a top place on Google. Unfortunately you'll find that you're up against stiff competition. Try a search like "counselling ealing" for example and Google will give you a list of 134,000 websites. WebHealer achieve top Google places using a proprietary solution we call SearchMax . We have been developing and improving SearchMax for more than 10 years and it is the reason why 87% of our customers have page one listings. We are constantly challenging ourselves to maintain and improve this performance and invest a huge amount in SearchMax as we know how fundamental it is for our customer's success.
WebHealer undoubtedly has ‘clout’ with the search machines and I would (and have) recommend(ed) WebHealer to colleagues setting up their website from scratch or are unhappy with their current website visibility.
Lynda Norton

Roberta Kelly - Tell MeRoberta Kelly - Tell MeRoberta Kelly - Tell MeRoberta Kelly - Tell Me