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Paulo Raposo (born 1967, Lisbon , Portugal ) is a musician, publisher and radio activist based in Lisbon. After studies of philosophy and cinema in Lisbon, he started working in the medium of live electronic music and computer sound, and progressively exploring the inter-relationships between digital process and architectural spaces through custom-built software. Since the late nineties, he started exploring intersections between sound and image taking advantage of the digital medium real-time possibilities, both in solo performances and collaborative work. He has been performing solo and in collaboration with other artists such performed and collaborated with numerous artists, including Janek Schaefer , Stephan Mathieu, Jason Kahn, John Grzinich, Kaffe Mathews, Marc Behrens, Zbigniew Karkowski , Carlos Santos, Carlos Zíngaro, André Gonçalves among others. His composition work focuses on delicate abstract spaces, combining acoustics , field recording and computer generated processing streams sustained In 2001 he formed the recording label SIRR and has since curated its continuing documentation of compositional and installation work by international sound artists and composers exploring highly idiosyncratic sound territories.

Paulo RaposoPaulo RaposoPaulo RaposoPaulo Raposo