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Did you think I was going to say that I went to some sort of doctor? I'm one of those people who takes my own stitches out with rusty scissors -- I avoid medical attention at all costs, unless it's my dermatologist. I did, however, eventually hit up a local Thai massage spot where a lovely woman who could be easily rung up on torture charges attacked my neck in 30-minute spurts. She dug out knots that must have been there since Monica Lewinsky stained her Gap dress . It was heavenly.

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He thinks about walking at night to avoid the heat and sun, but based upon how dark it actually was the night before, and given that he has no flashlight, he's afraid that he'll break a leg or step on a rattlesnake. So, he puts on some sun block, puts the rest in his pocket for reapplication later, brings an umbrella he'd had in the back of the SUV with him to give him a little shade, pours the windshield wiper fluid into his water bottle in case he gets that desperate, brings his pocket knife in case he finds a cactus that looks like it might have water in it, and heads out in the direction he thinks is right.

Dried Up Corpse / Numb Erone - SplitDried Up Corpse / Numb Erone - Split