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The Spanish lyrics of Bayan Ko were originally written for the Severino Reyes zarzuela , Walang Sugat ("no wound"). Attributed to the propagandista , General José Alejandrino , the song expressed opposition to the ongoing American Occupation . [1] The current and more popular Tagalog version is attributed to José Corazón de Jesús , and the music to Constancio de Guzmán.

Read Aguilar’s FB post for yourself. She’s the only person on the planet who can talk about this. Is it true that the person we now see as President Duterte is really a “reptoid alien”? Has he gone from President Duterte to Predator Duterte? You have to admit there’s a slight resemblance.

Freddie Aguilar - Freddie AguilarFreddie Aguilar - Freddie AguilarFreddie Aguilar - Freddie AguilarFreddie Aguilar - Freddie Aguilar